March 13, Kim Woori recalled the case of a T-ara rumor through Channel A ‘Poongmoon’, and said that Hwayoung called friend shampoo in a beauty salon where her hair is wrapped around during T-ara activities. It seems to be uncomfortable.

Ryu Hwayoung former T-ara member refuted Kim Woori’s exposure, saying, “Do not make a story out of nothing.

Ryu Hwayoung took a screen shot of Channel A ‘Poongmoon’ on his instagram on March 14 and said, “I know you have a good relationship with Hyomin. Don’t make a story out of nothing, but do not write stories that are not good. LoL. “She said.

After a few hours, She said,”Mr. Woo-ri ~ I know, please stop.Because of my teacher, our company people are in emergency meeting … From the morning, it is friable …You know exactly what you want to broadcast …

Hwayoung is a member who withdrew from the controversy due to the fact that he was bullied by SNS members at the time of Tara activity five years ago. Tara was hit by popularity and many domestic fans left. Since then, Hwayoung and Sister Hyo have recently appeared on tvN ‘Taxi’ and they cried tears about the controversy.

But the next day on the air, a netizen who claims to be a former T-ara crew has written a story called “The Truth of Tara.” He told Hwayoung that he was “stop the victim cosplay.” The crowd was surprised by this and Tara was able to recover the image later.

In addition, Kim Woori, former T-ara stylist, will reveal a new fact and look back on the past. As the fans’ disappointment toward Hwayoung grows , how he will overcome this crisis is focused on.

Ryu Hwayoung responded on his Instagram on March 14,writing: “Mr. Kim Woo Ri. I know he’s close to Hyomin, but do not make up stories. ” He then uploaded a photo of the T-ara members with Kim Woo Ri, saying, “I understand, Mr. Woo Ri, so stop making things.”

In another publication, Ryu Hwayoung said, “Am I rude? You’re making things up, and it’s a mess. Let’s pay no attention to this … good or bad, what you do is reversed. ”

However, two other staff members working with Ryu Hwayoung appeared in defense of Kim Woo Ri and confirmed that they were called “Shampoo” by Ryu Hwayoung. One of the stylists, who gave an anonymous statement, said: “[T-ara members] usually called us ‘Unni’, but Hwayoung called us ‘Shampoo’. She disrespected her stylists by calling them ‘Shampoo’. ”

Another anonymous staff member said: “I felt she was disrespecting our profession, so I submitted a letter of resignation at a certain point.” The staff member added: “We were embarrassed in front of others, so it was impossible for the staff to like it”.