Mobile Fashion Beauty Magazine Style X unveiled a photos with Dongwoon of group Highlights.

In the photo, Dongwoon showed off his sweet ‘Wannabe Boyfriend Look’ and intense Men ‘s charm at the White Day .

In the interview, Dongwoon said, “It’s most grateful for the opportunity to have such a new opportunity than hard.” When it comes to the combination of names from BEAST to Highlight, Dongwoon said, “We have an album with the same name and the track also as the same name. Yeah, the song it’s a great and exciting , so use the song as a group name. ”

Dongwoon did not forget to express my thanks to the fans: “Two months before the name of Highlight re-starting, it may be as long as two years as fans. Thank you for waiting for us, and I’m always sorry. Hope fans are now Happiness, so that members will be happy, want to communicate to and from both sides rather than one way