May 2, Yong Jun Hyung showing live music for ‘ Yong Jun Hyung Hip Hop Live’ through Naver V app. Yong Jun Hyung searched for his name and looked at the characters in the related query.

Among them was singer-songwriter Heize, who featured in the new song “WONDER IF”, Yong Jun Hyung said “she readily accepted and made a melody in my own lyrics. Thank you so much for completing this digital single.

Yong Jun-hyung, who became his 8th year debut this year, said, “It was good to have relationships with many people and to get to know each other,” he said “But because of some kind of opportunity, I felt it was time, “he said.

Some people think I have a big network, but I think people who actually meet are in my fingers,” he said.

Finally, Yong Jun-hyeong said, “I am not satisfied with my condition at the moment. I want to develop a bit more. If I am too satisfied with reality now, I am going to become too lazy, so I give myself carrot, whip and myself. I like praise, and I would like to have my fans always look at me beautifully and watch me through to the end.

In addition “WONDER IF” featured by Heize, which a PB R & B genre with a simple and minimal arrangement that is written and composed by Yong Jun Hyung and is composed of a sweet piano line and a unique sound. Through this new song, Yong Jun Hyung went out with a frank mind about love and separation. He hope to reveal his own stories that lead to empathy with realistic lyrics.