GOT7 back with ‘FLIGHT LOG: ARRIVAL’following ‘FLIGHT LOG: DEPARTURE’, ‘FLIGHT LOG: TURBULENCE’ and ‘FLIGHT LOG’ released in March and September last year.

“Never Ever” is the title track of the album released today. Bet all life, which promised my unwavering love with the words of the oath that determined from now until eternity.

GOT7 has announced the completion of the trilogy series as a story that brings true love and realizes it.

“Never Ever”producer by Park J.Y , with intense future sound and hip-hop rhythm. He joined the earattack, ‘$ 5 (Heavy Mental)’ and ‘Never Ever’, who worked on ‘Fly’ ‘Hard Carry’. ‘FLIGHT LOG: ARRIVAL’ contains 8 songs including ‘Never Ever’. The three-part series, which lasted about a year, was also successfully completed and took a step forward as a team to showcase the music with the story.