Minzy held a showcase of her first mini album ‘MINZY WORK 01 UNO’ at 2 pm on April 17 at Pan Square in Hapjeong-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul.

Minzy appeared in colorful lighting on a darkened stage. Minzy, who showed a harmony with the flow-style with the title song ‘Ninano’.

Minzy made a solo debut in 2014 after 3 years of 2NE1’s second album ‘Crush’, and then moved to YG Entertainment’s Music Works.

For a long time of three years, Minzy had a lot of work. She moved to the Music Works from YG Entertainment, where her spent 11 years working as a solo female singer in 2NE1.

Minzy said, “I’m nervous and lyrical, because the first solo music came out in the world.

I want to get closer to the public in a little more natural way now, I want to approach it in the name of Minzy. It is a great opportunity to be solo singer, “she said frankly.

Minzy said about YG, “I felt a lot of tension when I left YG and 2NE1 like my hometown. I had a feeling that I had to meet a lot of expectations and it became a new challenge and a good promoter to grow up. I did not have it, but it was a bit difficult because I had to go through every single hole.

YG is a place like home, and I learned to sing and dance there, and it has been a great help for many people,” said YG, who has an artist named Minzy.

On the day, Minzy said, “Of course, there is a sense of burden, and if it is not, it is a lie.

I want to come closer to the public a bit more naturally now, and I want to be friendly with the name Minzy. It is a great opportunity to be able to stand alone,” he added.

As for the 2NE1 members, “We often monitor each other and communicate well. We also support a lot.

This Minzy album was supported by a powerful figureing corps. Jay Park and FLOW collaborated with Minzy, and six songs will be included in their debut album.

Minzy said, “I have an affinity with Spica Bo Hyung.” When I saw them playing on stage, I was attracted to my voice.

I really liked it because I wanted to collaborate for the first time,” said FLOW , who accompanied it.

The title song ‘Ni Na No’ is a song that adds hip-hop to pop dancing. It has a stronger beat and an edgy melody than the existing pop dance. This is a piece of music composed by composer Melanie Fontana, Mitchel ‘Lindgren’ Schulz and Jon Asher who worked with Girls’ Generation, f (x), AOA, and Pop artists Justin Bieber and Chain Smokers.