Girl group Girls Day Yura was selected as the main character of “Ms.HIP HOP (unofficial)” at JTBC single-act.

April 19, Yura agency’s DreamTime Entertainment said, “Yura will appear as Kim Hyo Bin’ s role as JTBC single – actor ‘Ms.HIP HOP’.

‘Ms.HIP HOP’ is an episode of JTBC ‘s one-act drama series , an elementary school music teacher who worked as an underground hip – hop singer, opening an after – school hip – hop classroom to escape the boring reality. Kim Yoo Bin, who is to be played by Yura, is a non-stop English teacher who leads a hip – hop classroom.

Yura said, “I will do my best to prepare, make every effort to show the audience a wonderful acting, make every effort to learn.

Girls Day Yura is going to be active in the drama as well as in the beauty program “Beauty Bible 2017” MC.