In a recent interview Girl’s Day Minah revealed how members of Girl’s Day counted in her eyes.

The young woman said: “I am currently doing many activities in solo, but it has its advantages and disadvantages. Sometimes, I feel good and it’s nice to have time for yourself, but other times, my limbs fail me so that I don’t think that to them.

I have a lot of pressure and responsibility when I attend my individual activities, because I have to do everything alone, and it’s quite difficult,” said Minah. “On the side of the benefits, on the other hand, I can eat absolutely anything I want.

My group is like my family,” continued Minah. “Whenever I leave them, I think to them. I feel completely connected to the girls, and the simple fact that our group exists makes feel me calm and soothed. It’s relaxing for the mind to know that there is a house where I can always go home, whatever happens.

According to Minah, the strong link between Girl’s Day allows each of them to give in individual activities. “Life would be much more difficult for me without the Girl’s Day,” she said.

Minah also revealed that the Group was preparing a comeback for the second half of the year 2016.