GFRIEND Eunha 은하 recently participated in a pictorial for bnt International …

GFRIEND the power girls group in 2016 racked up 29 wins on music programs (15 for “Rough” and 14 for “Navillera”). This is the second-highest number of wins in a single year .


Racked up 29 WINS and I can’t believe … Every time I see the trophies at our agency, I get excited. When I was in high school, I had friends who were big fans of EXO, so it was amazing to get to meet them. I’m happy that we have lots of wins like them, but it’s also intimidating to be compared to such great senior groups.

Eunha also described herself as the “black hole” when it comes to dancing.

I’m weak among our members in choreography but SinB is really good… 10 year familiarization. We have the same name, Eunbi, so we each took a syllable and incorporated it into our stage name. We think alike so we would make resolutions to diet together and then go out to eat the very next day.

She also complimenting 15&’s Park Ji Min and Baek Ye Rin singers for singing skills despite being the same age

[Future] When asked who she would like to collaborate …

When I was in middle school, I briefly attended vocal lessons. Block B’s Taeil was there, too, and he was so talented and nice. I would listen to him practice for the school concert and get goosebumps. Of all the people I’ve heard sing directly, I think he has the most talent.

Program appeared in the future .. KBS ‘ Superman returned ‘ … all babies seem to have fun. In particular, Sowon really likes Suh Un and Suh Joon.”

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