March 16, ‘GD and Sulli appeared on the internet getting hot. The question raised by GD and Sulli fans came up with ‘Couple Ring Certification Pictures’.

At the beginning of the time just a sigh, it is a scene of dumbfounding incident. But recently, Sulli and GD traveled to friends and playgrounds, where acquaintances were exposed and rumored to spread. March 16, YG clarify that “this is not true.”

GD and Sulli love rumors themselves enough to arouse people’s attention. Although gd since the debut has never been heard scandal, but never admitted. Sulli recently with Dynamic duo of Choiza ended 4 years of relationship.

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GD and Sulli spent the leisure time together and put on the same ring. Then shared through SNS. Usually SNS stand up, the utilization rate of response was very enthusiastic.

However, GD agency YG Entertainment denied the relationship between GD and Sulli , the rings were given to them by a mutual friend, “and added:” G-Dragon is preparing for his solo album and barely comes out. He has not seen Sulli since he went to the amusement park with his group of friends. ” GD said its did not meet Sulli after separately in amusement park.

G-Dragon had made his Instagram account private in light of the rumors of appointments, but it was revealed that the account was a personal account that had been deprived from the beginning.

YG entertainment that does not engage in the private life of the singer everyday, I am not sure of the private meeting of GD. It is interesting to see that another link between GD and Sulli is caught.