Former member of KARA Kang Ji Young debuted as a solo.

In December 2015, Sony Music had already announced that Jiyoung would singer under the name of JY activities, who sang an OST of Japan NTV drama ‘Higanbana’, was revealed as Kang Ji Young.

March 15, the Agency confirmed the Korean release of “Last Farewell”.

Kang Ji Young said, “I got the chance to sing again while I couldn’t imagine. I really love to sing, so having the opportunity to sing again before an audience makes me really happy,”she said. “I did my activities of actress under the name of Kang Ji Young, but I intend to broaden the scope of my artist known as JY activities in the future, I hope that you’ll be there.”

Hello how are you ? This sudden news came as a surprise to you, is not it? This time, I go out an album under the name of JY.

You probably have many questions about the artist and his album JY and that is why I am happy to tell you about it directly. These solo debut have much concerned me at first. I am very worried, wondering what you think. However, I found the courage and decided to take up the challenge through your many encouragements.

The title “Radio” from this album will be marketed not only in Korea and Japan, but also in the US and Asia. I worked on it with the British producer MNEK! We achieved a nice video clip for “Radio” so be prepared! And “Last Farewell”, the first single from JY, is part of the soundtrack of the drama “Higanbana” I shot and it is a ballad describing a woman after a break.

Show lots of love to “Last Farewell”. It is expected that the title also kind in Korea, so I hope it will spark your interest. I will make efforts to see you with good news also in Korea. I really thank the fans who have always supported me! Really thank you for giving me this great opportunity to sing again.

I will make every effort to show a better image as Kang Ji Young actress and singer JY. Show me your support! Thank you !

While “Last Farewell” recorded 20000 downloads at the Japan, the physical version of the single will be put on sale from March 16 to the Japan and the song will be available for download in Korea from March 22. In addition, it is expected that “Radio”, the debut of the drama credits, put download in Korea from March 21 since it is positioned to 2nd place in the pop category of the classification Japanese iTunes just after Taylor Swift.

Ji Young also wrote a message to her audience on its Instagram Korea this March 15 to personally express her joy to his solo singing debut. [Above]