Solo album by Yesung of the group Super Junior soon released.

Yesung will release his second solo album ‘Spring Falling’ at 6 pm on April 18th.

The title song is a lyrical spring ballad ‘Paper Umbrella’. As you can see in the title, it is a sentimental ballad that fits well with the sad vocals of Yesung.

The ballad song with impressive piano sound and beautiful string lines. It is an impressive song that memorizes the memory of a broken person.

Recently, the emotional ballad is playing a big role in the music chart. It is noteworthy that IU will be able to hit the chart with a beautiful tone in the middle while the chart is occupied by successive songs.

In music video, actor Shin Hyeon bin appears as a heroine, and she is in love with Yesung, and is expected to catch a glimpse as she can meet beautiful visuals in harmony with the song lyrics.

In addition, SM Rookies Jeong Woo and Go Eun made their first appeared to depict the story of love and breakup by generation. Jung Woo is the 19th-generation Korean nationality.

Meanwhile , Ye Sung will hold a solo concert ‘Spring Sad’ at Samsung Card Hall in Seoul, Blue Square, Seoul on May 13 ~ 14.