New artists who are in deeply colored in their respective agencies will enter the music industry.

FNC Entertainment ‘s band group Honest made its official debut on May 17. FNC has been releasing band groups from FT Island for the past 10 years to CNBLUE, AOA (currently active as a girl group, but scrambled as a band at its debut), and N.Flying . In particular, FT Island and CNBLUE have a strong reputation in the K Pop scene as a band that is recognized both at Korea and abroad for popularity and musical ability.

HONEYST has released their debut single “Like You,” a four-member band composed of Seo Dong Sung, Kim Chul Min, Kim Hwan and Oh Seung Seok. From his debut song, vocal member Kim Chul Min participated in writing and composing, attracting attention. In addition to this, Kim Chul Min wrote his own song ‘Feelings’ on their debut album, and other members Seo Dong Sung also participated in the song “My Girl”, which revealed his musical ability.

HONEYST has a history of appearing on Mnet debut survival program ‘d.o.b (dance orb band)’ last year. FNC dance group SF9, which is currently active, competed with goodwill at the time. HONEYST came to various performances after the end of the program and built up their talents and fandom. As a band member, the boys will meet fans and the public in various stages after their debut. Especially this month, the ‘Campus Bus King Tour’ will be held at Seoul National University of Science and Technology and Kyunghee University.

Woollim’s new band Golden Child, who will appeared in seven years after created of group INFINITE.

According to the list of squares borrowed from the squad number format of soccer, Golden Child consists of 11 members including Y, Jae Hyun, Ji Boom, Bo min, Sung Min, Joo Chan, TAG, Dong Hyun, Dae Yeol, Jang Jun and Jae Seok.

Woollim has pioneered a solid area through Infinite and Lovelyz . Both groups were popular with their distinctive musical color and texture. So-called ‘small stones (idol belonging to small and medium-sized company)’ boasted exceptional grades and fandom size and solidified its position.

Golden Child members, Joo Chan, TAG, Donghyun, Dae Yeol, Jang Jun and Jae Seok announced their names through W-PROJECT, music video, and performance image, etc., each show their ability in their own field, and thanks to the debut before the formation of the fandom. The fans are attracted to see if they will be able to continue their lineage with the Infinite and Lovelyz.