The audio spoilers of SHINee’s new song, ‘Who Waits For Love, ‘ has been released.

June 6, SHINee’s special homepage showed the audio spoilers of the album The Story of Light EP.2 ‘Who Waits For Love’ .

‘Who Waits For Love’ is a lyrical combination of a faint guitar leaf and a Mumbarton rhythm, which is impressive for its lyrics expressing that the lost love is suffering like a flu.

The member key has raised the expectation for the new album by introducing the “Who Waits For Love” as “it is good to listen to the exercise like running or tension“.

In addition, SHINee’s BACK, which contains the preparation process for SHINee’s regular sixth album comeback, will be released on Mnet’s digital channel M2 every Wednesday and Friday at 9:00 on the first broadcast today. It will also be broadcast on Mnet at 9 pm every Monday from June 11.

Meanwhile, SHINee will released the full of its sixth album, ‘The Story of Light’ EP.2, which contains five new songs through various music sites at 6:00 p.m on June 11, and the title song ‘I Want You’ expected to catch the attention because it is going to give a new stage with the nurturing.