Management company Fantagio has announced official position regarding illegal company notice of Korea Entertainment Management Association (KMA).

May 15,Fantagio will release an official press release that “Fantagio was operated legally with the registration requirement in accordance with the Law for the Promotion of the Popular Culture and Arts Industry, but the registration of change due to the resignation of the director was delayed.” He said.

In order to develop their artists, we are trying to have a professional executive who has professionalism and morality. It takes time to convene a general shareholders meeting as a listed company.

We will continue to consult with the relevant ministries and agencies and the Korea Entertainment Management Association to resolve the issue, and we will proceed with the change registration process promptly.

In addition, some artists of Fantagio filed an application for dispute settlement in the annual collective bargaining agreement, confirming that their affiliated artist Kang Han Na and three others applied for a contract-related arbitration to the stadium.

Currently, the above artists have an exclusive contract with Fantagio, so we will work with the above artists to solve the problem smoothly. We will be faithful to the arbitration through the yearly exchange, “he said.

Fantagio said, “The management will value all the artists and employees of Fantagio and Fantagio Music and will make every effort to normalize the management. In addition, we will actively invest and support the artists who are the owners of Fantagio, and we will do our best for the welfare of our employees.