At a time where more and more celebrities complaints against false rumors or negative comments thrown and propagating on the canvas, the EXO was Suho expressed his assurance on the fact… that no rumour circulated in his subject!

During an interview about his movie “Glory Day” which is released in South Korean theaters on March 24 , the young man thus referred to his life as an Idol, and image of ‘living person according to the rules’.

The artist thus entrusted: “in my opinion, an idol is someone who must live more honestly than lambda someone, because it is constantly in the public eye.”

According to him, his parents have had a huge influence on his way of life. He said: “they placed great importance in my ways. I am very careful to the fact to hold me, and I have not a lot of privacy. As I am still very busy with my jobs of the time, I don’t really have time to myself, for fun. It is probably for this that no rumour about me is created.

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