January 30 , EXO Do Kyung Soo 도경수 and actress Kim So Hyun were guests of Entertainment Weekly 연예가중계 , to talk about their new film, “Pure Love”.

D.O is particular made some revelations about his past love, admitting that his way of playing in ‘Pure Love’ was influenced by his longing and his own feelings about his first love.

The young man said: “my first love date of the college. If I am not able to say if it was true love or not, these feelings have however influenced my way of playing in the film, because I much thought to my feelings at the time.”

D.O then added with honesty and openness: “in truth, I’m not a pure man. I know what a 24-year-old man should know.”

“Pure Love” will be released at the cinema in the month of February, and many fans are waiting to discover the chemistry between D.O and Kim So Hyun.