Exo Baekhyun released his second teaser video, “Take You Home,” a confession song released on April 14.

SM ‘STATION’ third new song of ‘Season 2’, ‘Take You Home’, was released through YouTube SMTOWN channel and Naver TV SMTOWN channel on April 13.

This music video was produced in the form of a musical style in which Baekhyun directly appeared and moved along the line of the heroine and sang songs. The long take technique that takes a long shot with a single cut without breaking the scene made it more fun to shoot.

‘Take You Home’ is a song of medium tempo that was written and composed by singer Cho Kyu-man. It is a sad confession song that tells the story of a man who wants to comfort her by watching a woman with a broken heart.

‘STATION’ Season 2 is getting a good response by releasing the complete soundtracks and contents of various genres every Friday.