New fantasy-romance TV drama “Scarlet Heart: Ryeo.”

This TV drama, based on the eponymous Chinese novel, centers on Goryeo emperor Wang Geon’s fourth son Wang So, played by Lee, and Hae-soo, a girl who travels through time to the kingdom from the 21st century, played by IU.

EXO member Baekhyun will play an imperial prince . In the photos, Baekhyun flashes a bright, mischievous smile, showcasing his playful character on the TV drama.

Other starred in this drama include actors Lee Junki, Kang Haneul, Hong Jonghyun, Nam Joohyuk and Ji Soo as handsome princes of the Goryeo Dynasty (918-1392). Girls’ Generation member Seohyun is also among the cast, playing Woohee, the last princess of the Later Baekje Kingdom (892-936). She becomes a palace gisaeng (courtesan) after the collapse of the dynasty.

The drama will air in the second half of the year.