The second episode of the radio “Solji ‘s Voice” made by EXID Solji was broadcast.

July 11 at 8 pm, EXID Solji communicated with the fans through the second broadcast of ‘Solji ‘s Voice Season 2’, which was broadcast on the official channel of Naver V Live.

Through the ‘Solji’s Picked Up’ corner on the same day, Solji has introduces ‘This is America’ of Childish Dish Ginbino as “a song that is often heard these days” and “When I listen, I get a lot of beat and relieve my stress.Those who finished the day and finished the day heard this song and chose it because they felt that the stress was solved.

At the next ‘Bois Talk’ corner, Solji read the story of the theme ‘Love’ and communicated a message of communication and encouragement to listeners.

Solji says, “It’s hard to see the other person’s eyes.” In the story, “One good tip is that if you look at the left nostril and talk to the other person, you feel like you are talking to the eyes. If your eyes don’t see it, look at the nostrils on the left,” make everyone laugh.

Finally, Solji said, “At 6 pm on July 16, EXID’s ‘Re:flower’ project’s fifth album and the last album ‘Better Together’ will be released. I hope you all can expect a lot.