Wedding photos of group U-KISS Eli and his wife Ji Yeon Soo ( who is a model 11 years his senior, for 5 years) were unveiled.

Eli will marriage ceremony with Ji Yeon Soo at a hotel in Gangnam, Seoul on June 3. It is only about three years reported that the couple registration on marriage.

April 27, Happy Merid Company and One Fine Day unveiled the wedding pictures of Eli and Ji Yeon Soo .

The shoot took place earlier this month, and preparations for the ceremony are said to have begun earlier this year.

Eli said, “I have always been sorry for my wife and my sons,because I have not been able to have a wedding and married. I am sincerely grateful to many of you who helped and supported me so I thank you for being late and holding the wedding, and I will be more eagerto work harder.

Eli made her debut as a U-Kiss member in 2008. In 2015, SNS has been informed of delays and marriage reports, making the taxation loud. The two are married on June 3, 2014, and have a son, Kim Min Soo, in the interim.

Meanwhile, Eli is appearing on KBS2 ‘The Men Who Live.’ In recent years, he has signed a contract with his agency NH emg and is spurring preparations for the U-Kiss record label.

# U-KISS side

U-KISS members Soo Hyun also signed a new contract with their current agency.

NH-emg has signed a contract with Soo Hyun and Eli on the 26th. “With this, U-KISS will continue to team up with existing members KiSeop, Hoon and Jun,” said NH Emg.

Soo Hyun and Eli were the first-year members of U-KISS, keeping the team in the midst of their replacement and withdrawal. The official said, “I have signed a contract with the company without any controversy or disagreement.”

U-KISS has reorganized the team with a five-member after Kevin left the team in March with his contract expired in March. At the time, the official said, “We will give a new album and greet my fans during this year.

Meanwhile, U-KISS made their debut with the 7th members in 2008, and then Dongho and Kevin left the team in turn to build the current five-member. Their has accumulated a lot of recognition in Korea , as well as in Japan.