BTS’s title song ‘DNA’ entered the 85th on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Sep 25, Billboard has posted a column titled “BTS Earns First Billboard Hot 100Hit With ‘DNA ‘“.

Billboard is the first K-pop singer to be on the Billboard 200 chart, top 10, and has added a” Hot 100 “chart entry.” The new album title song ‘DNA’ 100 ‘chart entry successful, “he announced.

Following Billboard said “‘DNA’ was released in the first week of the US streaming 5.3 million times, 14,000 download sales recorded, “” Hot 100 “chart, streaming, sales volume, radio air play data, adds,” he explained .

In addition, Billboard added, “DNA, which is almost all of the lyrics, made Lee Chan Hyuk the second K-pop singer to enter the song ‘Hot 100’ in Korean after the PSY

Meanwhile, Billboard chart of October 7 including ‘Hot 100’ will be updated on Sep 26 at local time.