A new controversy points around “Produce 101″ … several agencies having entrusted their trails on the show are not registered with the Ministry of Culture, Sports and tourism, these “companies” with so not really status.

Even if the girls in their care have not yet debut, the agencies should be listed on a register if they appear regularly on television. Thus, a company that has not taken the step to register a big risk, as well as everyone involved in society. Indeed, all the people working there could be sentenced to two years in prison or a fine of 10 million won.

MNet [quick to respond ] a representative of the string explaining: “we began to ask various agencies if they were well recorded after being contacted by the Korean creative content Agency (KOCCA). We of course advised agencies that had not yet done go and register to register more quickly. All agencies which trails are still in competition will be recorded by March 15 .”

The representative of the chain also revealed that Mnet would require other companies to do the same.

61 trails are still battling for a place in the final group of 11 girls that will be created at the end of “Produce 101″. A new elimination will soon reduce their number to 35.