[Nielson Korea rankings] March 23,Ninth episode of the drama Descendants Of The Sun recorded no less than 30.4% of the hearings, which is an increase from the previous episode, which has offered no less than 28.8%.

The drama became the first drama from MBC, “Moon Embracing the Sun” in 2012, the threshold of 30%, which proves that the country is under the spell of the series…

But not only! It would seem that the drama seduce far beyond the borders!

Indeed the first eight episodes broadcast in China exceeded the 100 million views on the main platform for distribution of video iQiyi. This weekend, the drama reached the one billion views, and on the morning of the 23rd, it was 1.1 billion… And the summary of the ninth episode was watched more than 22.5 million times!

“Descendants of the Sun” airs Wednesday and Thursday nights on KBS 2TV at 10 p.m. In China, episodes are streamed on the video website iQiyi. (Yonhap)

What do you think? And you, worship you this series?