DAY6 released their new song “DANCE DANCE” in May !!

DAY6, which meet up with their fans with the project “Every DAY6” which releases a new song every month for 2017 year, showed ‘DANCE DANCE’ and another new song ‘Man in a movie’ on each sound source site on May 8.

Especially, the title song ‘DANCE DANCE’, was attracting attention by all members of DAY6 participating in composition. This song is a love song that DAY6 has been told for a long time. ‘Man in a movie’ is a full-scale song that mixes modern rock sound, string and brass with 6/8 of a song with the song that his and himself are like a man in a movie.

‘DANCE DANCE’ music video, which has attention of fans by highlighting the natural appearance of DAY6 members along with the background of the music studio and enhancing their charm as an artist who engages in music work and performance.

Meanwhile, DAY6 also communicating with fans through the monthly performances since February with ‘Every DAY6’ project. On May 6 and 7 in Seoul Seogyo-dong Move Hall, performances were also shown in live performances of ‘DANCE DANCE’ and ‘Man in a movie’.