BTS was the first Korean singer to enter the US Billboard main chart single and album charts simultaneously.

Sep 26, according to the latest chart released by Billboard, BTS’s ‘DNA’ was ranked ‘Hot 100’ at 85th, and new album LOVE YOURSELF ‘Her’7th place.

It is the first time BTS has entered the Korean pop singers ‘Hot 100’ and ‘Billboard 200’ at the same time, showing the actual popularity of the song as well as the status and influence of BTS in the US.

BTS won 171st in ‘The Most Beautiful Moment In Life pt.2’ in December 2015, ‘107st in Young Forever’ in May 2016, 26th in ‘Wings’ in October, 61st’YOU NEVER WALK ALONE ‘, followed by five albums in the’ Billboard 200 ‘chart.

Not only that, it also ranked # 5 on the Artist 100 chart, # 3 on the Digital Album chart, # 3 on the Top Album sales chart, # 3 on the Canadian album chart, # 37 on the Digital Songs chart, ‘World album’ in the first place. The ‘Social 50’ chart also ranked # 1 and achieved the 41st record of the first place.

Billboard, “BTS was the first K-pop singer to be on the Billboard 200 chart top 10, and it succeeded in entering the Billboard Hot 100 chart with their title song DNA.

BTS won the first place after a comeback with their title song ‘DNA’ on SBS MTV ‘The Show’ on Sep 26.