Ahn Hyung Seop, an trainee from Yuehua Entertainment, showed a remarkable improvement in performance.

Mnet Produced 101 Season 2, which was broadcasted on April 21st, the trainees who prepared the group mission after the re-rating were drawn. Ahn Hyung Seop,, who received the grade D at the time of the first round of evaluation, was raised to the A grade and attracted attention.

Previously, Ahn Hyung-seop voluntarily filmed the “Pick Me” stage or asked the trainer Lee Suk Hoon for a lesson during “PICK ME” vocal training.

“I hate to lose,” and the amount of content to secure themselves with the interviews, among viewers, “effort-type trainee,” “Party A – Hyung Seop” and has become popular and has formed a fandom.

In particular, Choi Yoo Jung of Season 1 has also received a D grade from the first grade evaluation, and then started to gain attention due to a vertical rise to A. There is also a lot of expectation for Ahn Hyung Seop’s subsequent performance.

Meanwhile, Producer 101 Season 2 will be broadcast every Friday at 11 pm.