Crayon Pop Soyul firmly denies rumors of pre-marital pregnancy, marriage activities planned.

November 24 , Chrome Entertainment announcement of marriage was true, but that the decision to marry was not made due to extenuating circumstances.

When asked about Soyul, who was suspended from performing because of a panic disorder, the company said, “Although Soyul had been discharged from the hospital but was still in a resting-up ,until the news of her marriage, the situation hasn’t better to be able to return to activities. Moon Hee Jun and Soyul decided to get married in less than a year, so rumors of premarital pregnancy, the agency denied.

The member of Crayon Pop also personally left a publication in the fan cafe of the group, referring to its commitment. After a warm and thoughtful greeting to her fans, she wrote: “All of you must have been very surprised … I am also extremely nervous right now. I met and I will marry someone I love who values ​​me sincerely and loves unconditionally. ”

She hoped that everyone would continue to support her and congratulate her despite the sudden nature of the announcement, and that it was a decision they carefully made after much consideration.

Meanwhile, Moon Hee Jun and Soyul to be married in February next year