URBANZAKAPA sings ‘ALONE’. This time, I took comfort. The feeling of URBANZAKAPA saying “I am really okay” paints May.

May 19, URBANZAKAPA held a showcase to commemorate the release of the single “ALONE” at Ilji Art Hall in Gangnam-gu, Seoul .

‘ALONE’, which will be released at 6 pm on this day, is a new song released about 9 months after ‘Thursday Night’ released last August. Jo Hyun Ah “It ‘s an album that’ s been released a long time, so I’m very nervous. I decided not to rank in the rankings. I will wait for my heart. ”

But Kwon Sun Il and Park Yong In were different reactions. The two said, “I did not decide to rank, but there is something deep in my mind. (Afternoon) It is a very painful time until 6 o’clock and I know the reaction of many people. I hope it will be six o’clock soon. ”

The single “ALONE”, which was released in a long time, was a song created by member Jo Hyun Ah’s songwriting, composition and arrangement, quietly chanting the URBANZAKAPA’s distinctive sensibility. ALONE expresses the familiar ‘Honjok’ and paints this age pretty. In addition, the beautiful scenery of Jeju Island was included in the music video, and the image of solitude and loneliness, a universal emotion, was melted into the song.

“It’s not saying that ALONE is bad, but ALONE,” URBANZAKAPA said, “If you listen to the earphones, it sounds like we are talking directly from the side. I did some re-recording for this. ”

Jo Hyun Ah said, “In fact, this song is a song that I tried to record on the album ‘I Don’t Love You’ but I saved it by saving it.” Melody also continues to repeat one note. I have changed. There are few songs recorded for one year. ”

“I really hate ALONE in my 20s, but I really like ALONE since I’m in my late 20s. It is good to use time for me only. So I hope that those who enjoy ALONE are sure to hear this song “he said.

However, idle groups’ comeback has been or will be announced from large singers from April to May. But Kwon Sun Il says, “It is a time to go from spring to summer. I am excited. I sing many bright songs “I Don’t Love You”. I think lonely and lonely feelings do not ride in the seasons. I think I will be able to aim for a niche market. ” he said.

Park Yong In also showed confidence. “I think the song” ALONE “is very competitive,” said Park Yong In , who said, “People are interested in what they ALONE. So I think I will go to the top of the list carefully, “he said.

Particularly, they have been actively promoting broadcasting activities. URBANZAKAPA said, “We have a very old schedule. Starting with ‘Yoo Hee-Yeol’s Sketchbook’, it also participates in ranking programs such as ‘Inkigayo’, ‘Show Champion’, and ‘The Show’. Instead of doing weekly activities, I try to be short and thick ” and announced.

Lastly, URBANZAKAPA commented, “This album is for the first time this year, so I feel a lot of pressure. I will do my best in small stage or big stage ” expressed their feeling.

URBANZAKAPA, which announces the new song ‘ALONE’ at 6 pm, will start the single album activity by holding ‘ALONE, Listening Night’ in the Han River live show on the Banpo Hangang River Park Light Island outdoor stage from 6:30.