Singer Junggigo, who released his first full-length album after his debut, said, “I played songs with Chanyeol, and that’s the dignity of the locals.”

April 20, Junggigo was held showcase for ‘ACROSS THE UNIVERSE‘ at a venue in Hannam-dong, Seoul.

Junggigo was asked about the song work episode and said, “There is a funny episode with Mr. Chanyeol on the song ‘Let Me Love You’. I knew each other but we was not close.

“Chanyeol was living in the same apartment as me, and I contacted him on the first floor, and I have been friends since then,” he said.

Junggigo will release ACROSS THE UNIVERSE at 6:00 pm on April 20. Junggigo’s debut album has only been released for 16 years since debuting in 2002 with the feature film “Respect You (Urban Night Mix)” in 2002.

The title song “ACROSS THE UNIVERSE“, which contains the story of walking with the person who loves the dawn street. Junggigo’s sensational vocals wrestle with trendy melodies, and Junggigo’s romantic repertoire of ‘Some’ is the perfect track.