Singer IU said he was “pleased to pitch” with GD features.

IU release her regular album 4th “Palette” showcase at a performance hall on March 21 at 3:30 pm in Hapjeong-dong, Seoul.

IU said, “Now I know a little bit about myself, and I know how to make myself feel better.” In this situation, there is a feeling that this kind of result will come in. There are many people who know me more and more I think I should think about it without any responsibility. I want to be a singer who can tell my thoughts rather than simply making a sound. ” It is not just a popular singer, but a mindset to convey the sincerity to the public.

The reason why I made this album name ‘Palette’ is the same. IU says, “It means that contains a lot of colors. The idea that I started at first was that the palette was more interesting and beautiful than the picture in art time when I was younger. I wanted to show my palette rather than draw each picture one by one.

I was originally a fan of G-Dragon, and I got a lot of advice when I made a song called ‘Palette’.

I did not have any idea about the feature, but later I thought it would be better to have a rap rather than a melody.” GD, who knows the tone about the lyrics, thought it would be nice to feature it. I thought GD was appropriate, and I responded to it.

On the show, IU made performance with ‘Through the Night’ and showed it to the stage track ‘Palette’.

It is a well-made record with 10 tracks painted colorfully by the musicians IU’s unique sensibilities and original experimental experiment. Based on the production of IU, this album has been made even more complete by participating in top genre musicians including genres and genres such as BIGBANG ‘s G Dragon, Lee Byung Woo, Soon Seong, Lee Jong Hoon, SUNWOO JUNG A, OhHyuk.

IU will show its first comeback stage on SBS ‘Inkigayo’ on April 23.