Female duo CocoSori member Coco and Sori will be making a comeback in the pop world with their solo projects

CocoSori member Coco will announce her second single through various online music sites on Aug 17.

This new song ‘Sugar Cake’ is in full swing with a medium tempo dancer love song.

Coco, who previously performed as a solo song ‘Wishy Washy’, is determined to show another attraction through this song.

In particular, Coco participated in the songwriting and music video production with Producer 220 and showed love for the song.

In addition, Coco planned the single crowdfunding project at Kickstarter, the world’s largest crowdfunding site, and achieved the target of 200 percent.

Sori will announce a new song at the end of next month when Coco’s activities will be completed.

An official of the agency said, “Coco and Sori announce the new song separately and meet the music fans” and “You will be able to see the music of the two members, which is different from CocoSori’s music.

Meanwhile, Coco goes to the United States to finish all the work and participate as a ‘KCON’ guest in Los Angeles, USA.