Actress Choo Ja Hyun strongly criticized her agency and aides for reporting that she was unconscious for ten days after giving birth.

June 10, a media report said that Choo Ja Hyun had been sent to an emergency room at a famous obstetrics and gynecology hospital somewhere in Gangnam on June 1st, after being delivered to the emergency room. Until now, she has not recovered.

Choo Ja Hyun’s agency BH Entertainment said, “The report is not true.” ,”After giving birth in the early morning on Friday ( June 1), Choo Ja Hyun suffered from paralysis symptoms later and was immediately taken to the emergency room for treatment.Currently resting in stability.

Choo Ja Hyun’s cronies also stated “I’m very embarrassed about Choo Ja Hyun’s unconscious story. Although not contactable, but it does not make sense that there is no consciousness.” And “Be well treated in hospital,” he said.

Choo Ja Hyun’s husband, Ethan Yu, said via Weibo (China SNS), “Choo Ja Hyun has not been in good health after giving birth, but is under examination and is recovering. Detailed disease names were not identified. The child is healthy now.” And “Thank you to those who care.