Actor Choi Min Yong starring ‘Variety trend’ in SBS ‘Running Man’, which is broadcasted at 4:50 pm on April 2 shows off his crazy presence with extraordinary gestures and wit.

This day, Running man was promoted as a special restaurant race , which will encourage the taste buds in the spring. Choi Min-yong , who was invited as a special guest, made an impatient act by stealing members’ attention from the appearance of a different fashion sense.

Choi Min Yong said that he prepared himself by wearing a custom dress for his ‘Running Man’ appearance. He said that he set a functional training suit on a basic set of running training, wearing sunglasses, and made a profound resolution.

In addition, Choi Min Yong said, “Seoul Broadcasting has been a long time not seen.” He face showing a trace of a smile, always conceal the excitement of the look, attracted everyone to laughter.

Another guest member APink Bomi also showed off the majesty of “Meokbang ” by inhaling the food with a storm without stopping at the restaurant tour that has continued throughout the recording.