China has also plagiarized popular entertainment programs in Korea. This time, it’s ‘Produce 101’ of Mnet which ranks first in domestic topic castle.

A famous China video site ‘QIY’ recently presented an audition program entitled ‘The Birth Of Star’, which was broadcasted from November last year to January this year, is a program where contestants gather for dancing and singing competitions to become idol.

The contestants in the birth of ‘Star’ resemble the ‘Produce 101’ composition, which includes a triangle, a song title ‘PUSH ME’, a visual center drawing, and a ghostly impression.

If there are differences, they will be selected as a hybrid group. Of the 65 people, 5 are male and 3 are female. It is composed of eight people who are mixed in the selection.

In this regard,”We do not sell our rights,” he said. “we hope that the good contents of Mnet will be officially introduced.”