After launching teasers for their collaboration, Yerin from GFRIEND, Cao Lu from FIESTAR and rapper Kisum have released their new music video.

[Update] The track appears to be entitled “Why Is It Spring Again?”.

“Why Is It Spring Again?” is a strange “spring carol,” which is interpreted as a sensational rap and vocals that are full of emotional realistic lyrics. This song, which represents the hearts of lonely soloists and informs the beginning of the full of wit, is a fantastic paradigm of spring carols as a fantastic chemistry of all-around women icons.

March 16, FIESTAR Cao Lu will present a singles collaboration with Yerin (GFRIEND) and Kisum (rapper) through various music sites, this is the first solo music activity of Cao Lu .

Yerin and Kisum are also friends with Cao Lu. As the meeting of Cao Lu and Gfriend member Yerin and Kisum came to a surprise, great and little attention has been paid to the collaboration of popular girls icons of various generations such as arts, idols, hip-hop, etc in and out of the music industry.

Cao Lu’s agency Pave Entertainment said, ” Please look forward for what kind of fresh ‘Girl Power’ will bring to the music industry this spring.

Meanwhile, Cao Lu’s project digital single will be released simultaneously on major online music sites on March 16.