BTS has been chosen as one of the best this year by a U.S.-based cable network .

The group’s latest album “Wings” was among “The 20 Best Albums of 2016” by Fuse TV . The album came in at number eight, sharing the list with pop stars such as Rihanna, who ranked number one, and Beyonce, who was at third.

Fuse wrote: “In the three years of debut, BTS has earned a base completely passionate fans around the world, thanks to the active participation of all seven members, both in writing and in the production of their material vulnerable and honest”.

Fuse TV commended the album’s lead track “Blood, Sweat & Tears” as well as “21st Century Girls” and “Interlude:Wings” for their fascinating concepts and accessible productions, but put the spotlight on the members’ solo tracks.

“Listeners can enjoy diverse tracks ranging from leader Rap Monster’s melancholic rap song ‘Reflection’ to the stirring ballad of group member Jin’s ‘Awake,’ getting insight into each member’s personality” .They conclude the article with: “There is much to explore in the album’s 15 songs and there are many indications that BTS is beginning to expand its wings”.

The boy band is also on top of Billboard’s Social 50 chart for their second consecutive week.

naver / Fuse / 중앙일보