Days go by teasers multiply for the comeback of the BTS.

With Two large series of photo teasers , is now the tracklist of their “Young Forever” album that the group offers us today.

The teaser image therefore tells us that the CD will contain non-not 1, but 2 CDs. CD No. 1 will include the song “Young Forever” that was discovered in the video epilogue, as well as the already known songs “I Need U” and “Run”. CD No. 2 will contain for its share of songs from previous CDs of boys (“Converse High”, “Whlien 52″, ‘Butterfly’), including some remix (for”I Need U”,”Run”either still”Butterfly).

The boys has rolled out plans for its upcoming Asia tour that includes its Seoul concert “The Most Beautiful Moment in Life on Stage : Epilogue” on May 7 and 8.

BTS plans to visit Taipei, Taiwan on June 9. The following month, BTS will hold a concert in Nanjing, China on July 2; Osaka, Japan on July 12 and 13; Nagoya on July 16; Beijing, China on July 23; and in Manila, the Philippines on July 30 : Bangkok on Aug. 6, and Tokyo on Aug. 13 and 14.