BTS Jimin’s rogue antifan has posted a notice on SNS that he will kill Jimin.

March 27th, Twitter’s BTS accounted for ugly’, ‘concert seat arrangement chart, total photographs’ were posted, saying, He was also preparing for the concert in California, along with a photo of his coffin and bloodthirsty hands.

He also attended a World Tour Concert held in California, USA, on April 1st , and said he plans to kill Jimin. He likened Jimin to ‘pigs’ and he made his appearance worse. “I have two accomplices, I waited a long time for this moment,” he said.

In this controversy, the fans responded that they are “playful but scary”, “April 1 is April Fool’s Day, but this lie is over, how can you take life joke”, “Even if it is a joke, security seems to have to be done thoroughly.” …

Meanwhile, this account has been suspended due to the report of some users.