Bora and Cheng Xiao showing perfect match.

Bora and Cheng Xiao, who are Showing a vibrant and cordial, and led the shooting atmosphere of the scene.

In the interview that accompanies the report, the two reveal how they spend their free time.

Bora smiled and said, “Meet like-minded friends and taking fun pictures with each other’ll come back to after the hustle and laughing look positive person again.

Recently, I healing through drawings when I was alone. I’m going to exhibitions to see more people taking care of themselves, “she said.

Cheng Xiao then said, “Capture good lines, such as a line of affirmation, a word of comforting me. I have strengthened my heart by reading those words, “she answered.

Bora and Cheng Xiao added that when they hear that bright energy is giving strength to someone, they are proud of themselves. “I want to continue to deliver positive energy to a lot of people in the future.

Bora and Cheng Xiao full of pictorials can be found in the April issue of Cosmopolitan.