May 15, Joo Won attended the SBS New drama ‘My Sassy Girl’ production presentation.

Asked the feelings of the day before the enlistment, Joo Won replied: “The mood is very excited, but the mood is good and feel relaxed.

For the reaction of his girlfriend BoA , he said “Our BoA say though for a long time‘, but I said ‘not a long time‘.

Boa (31) and Joo Won (30) were revealed to be in a relationship in January, and it was confirmed that two recently enjoyed their last date in Japan before joining the army on May 16. Boa is staying in Japan with a concert and can not join the day before Joo Won’s enlistment, but the two of them spent their time alone in Japan early on.

According to several officials, the two of them traveled from Gimpo Airport in Seoul on May 4 of the morning on a Korean Air flight to Tokyo Haneda Airport. Boa went out for a live concert, and Joo Won was on the way to SBS New drama ‘My Sassy Girl‘ pre-publicity. At that time, the two seats were separated from each other, so they did not receive much attention from other passengers.

May 16, when Joo Won participated, Osaka was scheduled to perform, and it was physically impossible for them to spend the day before enlistment. Boa ‘s performances were difficult to reconcile because Joo Won was caught early before enlistment. Fortunately, we were given time to meet each other in Japan.

Joo Won had a short schedule in Japan and returned to Korea, and Boa performed a solo concert. On July 11th to 12th, she will perform in Tokyo under the name of “Boa the Live in Billboard Live” and will be on stage in Osaka from 16th to 17th. It is a three-year Japanese concert for Boa.

Joo Won joins the Gangwon Province Cheorwon 3rd Division recruitment training center on May 16 at 2 pm. After receiving basic military training, he will serve as active duty for 21 months and will be leave on February 15, 2019.