Black Pink’s debut song ‘Whistle’ music video topped YouTube view 100 million views.

Black Pink’s ‘Whistle’ 100 million view poster that broke YouTube view on April 15 . YG Entertainment Provided

April 15, Black Pink’s “Whistler” official music video exceeded 100 million views, reaching 188,317 views in just eight months.

‘Whistle’ hit song that took the top spot on the 16th straight day, as well as real-time, daily, weekly chart ‘Perfect AllKill’ In addition, it has been confirmed that it is possible to advance Black Pink to the global market, which is the number one iTunes in 14 countries.

In the past five months, ‘Boombaya’ has surpassed 100 million views, followed by ‘Fire’ and ‘Whistle’, which exceeded 100 million views. I have three. It is the first and shortest record as a newcomer to have three 100 million view music videos before the debut year.

The hot interest in music videos can be a testament to not only domestic but also overseas global influence. Black Pink, who makes an unusual record as a newcomer, we will looking forward to seeing what the future will surprise the music industry.