The monster newbie group, Black Pink’s “BOOMBAYAH” music video surpassed 200 million views.

Black Pink’s “BOOMBAYAH” music video, as of September 14 at 9:30 on the official YouTube channel is currently recording about 342 million views.

Black Pink released a music video and music video of ‘BOOMBAYAH’, a song of ‘SQUARE ONE’, which debuted on August 8 last year. Black Pink has reached over 200 million views in about 370 days after it unveiled its music video.

Previously, Black Pink had recorded 100 million views in 177 days after the release of the “BOOMBAYAH” music video.

Menwhile, Black Pink is a music video of ‘Square One’, ‘Whistle’, and ‘SQUARE TWO’, released last November, their music video of ‘AS IF IT’ YOUR LAST ‘which was released in June showed its power as it hit over 100 million views.