Billboard focused on VIXX.

May 16, Billboard of the United States illuminated and liked VIXX’s latest mini-album ‘桃源境’ and the same title ‘桃源境 (Shangri-La) ‘.

Billboard based on titled “East Meets West in VIXX’s New Song ‘Shangri-La'”, a new song by VIXX, Choreography, music video, and so on.

Shangri-La” – “R & B track that the East and the West met with the traditional Korean musical instrument, Gayageum.” “Unlike many K-pop songs, English poetry is more poetic than” The lyrics convey an oriental feeling. ”

As the music video of “Shangri-La,” I imagined that “the two elements of the East and the West were fantastic, and the costumes, sensuous colors, and sophisticated backgrounds are drawing a classic image.” As a highlight of the music video, choreographed the choreography and said, “VIXX that melted the fan choreography in the powerful action mixed the modern but oriental style well.

Shangri-La” M/V has reached 200 million views within 24 hours in YouTube. It has been selected as ‘Fastest Rising Videos’ at the same time as it is released, and it is rapidly spreading to global K-pop fans as well as domestic. VIXX’s music video has proved to be a popular global group with the attention of international YouTube viewers from all over the world including USA, Japan, Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia.

VIXX is a dream-minded yet mysterious mood for the first time since debut in this album, challenging the concept of oriental fantasy and leaving the world with the theme of a thunderbolt. Since its release on May 15, the title ‘Shangri-La’ has settled on top of the real-time chart of the sound source site, and the album has become very popular both on and offline,

VIXX debuted in 2012 and celebrating their fifth anniversary in May this year, VIXX has been recognized as a unique concept stone by digesting a breakthrough concept for every album. It has been rated as a concept stone by showing ‘V 2016 CONCEPTION’, a large-scale annual project last year.

Meanwhile, VIXX will perform his first comeback on Mnet ‘M Countdown’ May 18 with their new title ‘Shangri-La’. On celebrating of 5th anniversary of the debut, the exhibition “VIXX 0524” will be held at the ARA Art Center in Insa-dong, Seoul from May 24 to June 4 . After their debut on June 11 at KBS Busan Hall, he will meet local fans by hold a solo concert “VIXX Live Fantasia Daydream in Busan” in Busan .