BIGBANG member G-Dragon involved in Zion.T upcoming new song !

January 24, YG Entertainment told local media: “G-Dragon involved in Zion.T of the new vocal .

The popular artist of R & B and hip hop Zion.T , who recently announced will return with a new release titled “OO” on February 1.

Zion.T hits debut track such as ‘Just’, ‘Yanghwa Bridge’, ‘Eat’, ‘Sinsa’, ‘Machine Gun’ and more.

This will be his first official release since it launched the single “Don’t Make Up” in October 2015, as well as the first since moving from Amoeba Culture to producer Teddy’s The Black Label, Which is a sub agency of YG Entertainment. It has not been confirmed yet whether this new release will be the second full Zion.T album.