Independence of the South Korea – Tiffany (Girls’ Generation) which reflected in the line of sight of Internet users . This time leader of BIGBANG G-Dragon who is concerned…

After posted on his official Instagram account the Snapshot that you can find below on monday with the hashtag “815”. Recall that this date marks the partition of Korea into two separate countries after Japanese rule. Known as the day of independence of the Korea, it is celebrated annually by the Koreans.

However another Japanese fans did not “appreciate” the publication of the artist, and began to invade the latter negative comments. It is thus possible to see comments like “your professionalism is really very low”, or even “If you have no consideration for the Japanese fans, then you should not carry out promotions to the Japan”, or even “I can not accept this kind of action on the part of an influential person both in the Japan and Korea.”

But fortunately, Some of the Japanese fans have defended the young man, saying things like: “happy independence day, these things happen on the Internet so don’t feel too concerned about it.”, or even “I’m sorry, at this time the Japan was really stupid.” International fans are in are also involved, considering that the artist being Korean, it was normal that he was speaking for his country in the first place.