Bad news for fans of the BEAST, and especially Hyunseung!

Cube Entertainment organizes a concert in Macau this March 5, called “I Want Cube Pop”, in which the 4 minute, the BtoB and the BEAST are involved. Yes… but not all members!

March 4 announced that: “We just received the new like what the BEAST Hyunseung will not attend the concert”I Want Cube Pop”due to personal reasons.”

No detail was given about this lack, but the recent controversy surrounding the artist isn’t there perhaps for nothing.

In fact the young man had “missed” a fanmeeting scheduled with the Japan photos circulating on the Internet showing it with a woman rather than with his fans in the company the rest Group has much upset his admirers. Even if the artist had officially and publicly apologized, the fans are very wound against the singer, appearing disinterested activity and for some time.

What do you think?