Girl group Berry Good has released a new song teaser in front of comeback.

In the video, the member Jo Hyun wearing a tight skating suit is showing a skater in the form of a flawless figure skating on the lighted ice rink.

‘BibbidiBobbidiBoo’ convey the message of “desire to achieve thought and desire”.

“It is not a general concept that the girls have been sticking too, but Berry Good is preparing for a comeback with a new concept,” said Jay Tig Entertainment. “As the title of the new song ‘BibbidiBobbidiBoo’ I will be able to approach music that gives power to those who are frustrated with reality. ”

“I think that when I talk to members, what I most want to do is to build the image and goals of the players who have been preparing the Olympic Games for a long time and to cheer for them.” He added.

Meanwhile Berry Good’s new song ‘BibbidiBobbidiBoo’ will be released on various online music sites at noon on April 16.