AOA Jimin 신지민 acted with EXO 엑소 Xiumin 시우민 .

The collaboration between AOA Jimin 신지민 and EXO 엑소 Xiumin 시우민 is finally out!

AOA Jimin recently has launched the #OOTD project, a project starting with “CALL YOU BAE”, a title that she interprets in duo with Xiumin.

March 3 , the full music video for “CALL YOU BAE” had online, an MV in which they are particularly adorable, surrounded by emoticons all kinds.

CALL YOU BAE focused Jimin and Exo Xiumin and the song is a love song with medium tempo expressing love of teenagers or people in their twenties.

What do you think of “CALL YOU BAE”?