Recently became a scandal … .ChoA SNS the mood confession

I’m sorry to be pissed … Self-reflection

AOA ChoA , who was recently came the scandal and eveal the complex state of mind.

I always think that many people are overflowing with love,” ChoA said through her Instagram on May 17. “Even though you are pointing out that it is not true, thankful for your concern“, she wrote.

I apologize for the damage I have caused to those who are not involved,” she said. “I apologize for any inconvenience this article has caused. Although I do my best, but I think I have a lot of people love.

She said, “If I’m hated, I will Self-reflection. Please do not make me uncomfortable because of my break.

After finishing the AOA single concert in March, ChoA was caught up in a tentative remake because he did not take an official schedule until now.

May 16, ChoA through his SNS said , “It’s a break from consensual agreement with your agency, not just a casualty.

However, on the next day, I was surrounded by a business man and a lecture, and came back to work again. FNC Entertainment said, “The person who is mentioned in the article about his identity confirmation is only an acquaintance, and association is not true.