Actress HA Ji Won (39, formerly Jeon Ha Rim ) returns to the main house as an agent of the National Intelligence Service.

July 5, tv drama ‘Prometheus‘ production company said “Actress HA Ji Won has confirmed appearance as Chae Eun-seo, the heroine of the drama, the NIS ‘ second team in North Korea.

Chae Eun-seo has been thinking about HA Ji Won since the stage of drama planning, and her image is intact as a created character.

Prometheus” describes North Korean scientists who are aware of the North Korean nuclear and long-range missile missions in the third country and are pursued by agents of various interests and agents of the NIS.

The production company added, ” Based on the current international situation where denuclearization is being activated through the inter-Korean summit and the North American summit, the drama’s imagination that key scientists on North Korea’s nuclear program disappeared during the process of denuclearization.

A Ji Won ‘s combination of’ Prometheus’ and acting, outstanding action, and charisma raise expectations for new spirits that are not readily accessible in Korean dramas.

HA Ji Won has appeared in KBS 2TV drama ‘Hwang Jini’ ended December 28, 2006, MBC TV drama ‘Empress Ki’ on April 29, 2014, MBC TV drama ‘Hospital Ship’ on November 2, 2017 and many other works.